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Personal Injury Advocacy And Mediation That Puts You First

A personal injury attorney helps shape each client’s future. When a lawyer is more interested in getting paid than they are in your best possible outcome, it can leave you with a lifetime of regrets. Because of how much is at stake, the commitment your attorney has to you can make all the difference.

Here at Dominic L. Bacetich Law, I understand how devastating a personal injury can be, and I know what it takes to help victims and their families recover the compensation they deserve. I serve clients throughout Washington, and my experience in personal injury cases is not limited to client representation; I also provide mediation services to fellow attorneys. I have always dedicated myself to my community, and I am ready to dedicate myself to your case.

WSAJ Board of Directors 2016-2017 President Dominic L Bacetich (front row-third in from right) sitting next to Elizabeth Berry, Executive Director.

I have more than 40 years of experience as a trial attorney. Those decades of practice have provided me with sharp insight into the strengths and weaknesses of many different types of personal injury claims. I have a proven history of success, with a long list of favorable verdicts and settlements as evidence.

I am honored to have served as president of the Washington State Association for Justice. As the first openly gay president of a trial lawyers association in the U.S., I am no stranger to challenges. Today, I draw upon the same determination and courage to boldly stand up for my clients.

I employ innovative and creative strategies to maximize the compensation my clients earn for their personal injuries. For my mediation clients, I strive to bring parties to an acceptable resolution where both sides can leave satisfied. Learn more about my background, qualifications and experience.

Your Case Matters To Me

Your case matters, and you deserve the best counsel and representation possible from your personal injury attorney. To talk with me about your unique situation and needs, contact my Everett office today. Call me at (425) 339-9149 or email me here to schedule your free initial consultation.