Dangerous Roadway Design

What If The Road Was At Fault For Your Injury?

The vast majority of auto accident cases involve two drivers, one of whom is mostly at fault. In those cases, it is easy to understand how the legal process works when there’s another driver clearly at fault. However, what happens when a dangerous roadway is the cause of the crash? While suing a road is not possible, there are options for you to obtain compensation.

At Dominic L. Bacetich Law, I can help you. From my office in Everett, I represent accident victims throughout the state of Washington. With more than 40 years of experience as an attorney, I know how to find the best source of compensation to help you through the process. My law firm is set up to handle client interviews, depositions and other meetings remotely, so it is no problem handling your case from anywhere in the state of Washington.

Causes Of Dangerous Roadway Accidents

Dangerous roadway cases have numerous causes that include:

  • Poor roadway design: Too many roads are designed with dangers that could have been avoided easily with better design choices. Unnecessary dangerous curves and inclines, as well as poor drainage and other issues, are common. I recently won a $2 million case for clients based on poor roadway designs.
  • Cable barriers: One type of poor roadway design involves the cable barriers in medians and roadway edges. These barriers were designed like more substantial abutments for the purpose of stopping cars from getting through. However, they were designed in the 1960s, and though they worked for automobiles created back then, many modern vehicles have much higher profiles and these cable barriers simply don’t work. I have won multimillion-dollar awards for my clients in cable-barrier cases.
  • Inadequate warning: When intersections and patches of road are particularly dangerous, it is necessary to have signs that warn drivers of the dangers. When these warning signs are lacking, the likelihood of a serious accident is greatly increased for everyone on the road.
  • Unsafe traffic control: Part of the responsibility of those creating roadways is to make sure the traffic control is handled appropriately. Traffic control can include stop signs, traffic lights, speed limits and clear signage for routing traffic safely. Far too many serious wrecks result from unsafe traffic routing and signage.
  • Poorly maintained roads: In some cases, an accident is caused by poor road maintenance. Potholes, major cracks, deteriorating shoulders and other issues can cause serious accidents and injuries.

If you have been in a serious crash caused by unsafe road conditions, the first thing to do is get medical help. Once your physical condition is stabilized, talk with an experienced lawyer who can help you.

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